Waiting List

Future customers who wish to be put on a waiting list can do so by simply contacting us through email at abigailsfancyfans@gmail.com .

There will be two options available for waiting lists as described below:

First Contact

These customers have prepaid deposits and will be notified as soon as pregnancy is confirmed and will get first notification of birth. This category will also receive first come/first serve picks based on when they prepaid deposits. All First Contact pickers will have one week (7 days) to make their puppy picks or pass. Once all First Contacts customers have picked or passed we will be able to offer puppies to our standard waiting list.

Standard Waiting List

These customers will be notified of birth and be able to follow updates of our puppies through this website or Instagram. Once all First Contact customers have picked their puppies or passed to the next litter, these customers will be notified of which puppies are available to reserve.

First Contact Lists


1st Pick: Meghan Angley (Male Tri preferred)

2nd Pick: Michele Alfano (Female preferred)

3rd Pick: Garret Nako (Female preferred)

4th Pick: Caitlin Williams

Estella (future litter expected Spring 2024)

1st Pick: Kelsey Donaldson (Female preferred)

2nd Pick: Constance Frank (Female preferred)

3rd Pick: Patrick Greenland (Female B&T preferred)


1st Pick: Beth & Derek Greentree (Male preferred)

2nd Pick: Liz and Matt Fiorillo (Male preferred)

3rd Pick: Cary Edwards (Ruby preferred)

4th Pick: Morgan Monson (Male preferred)

5th Pick: Chris Dittrich (Female Blenheim preferred)

Future First Contacts

Hayley Delamare (Female preferred)

McKenna Jones

Sarah Keene (Male preferred)

Ashton Hass (Female preferred)

Ellen Skold (Female preferred)

Don & Jeanne Meeker (Male preferred)

The Bull Family (Female preferred)

Andrew Villaume (Ruby Female preferred)

The Buchheim Family (Ruby Female preferred)