Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to touch on some things that nearly every inquiry asks, this way future customers can be well informed! Please reach out to us if you feel we have missed anything or need clarification on a subject. We are still happy to talk to our customers!

How do you accept deposit? We accept deposits through Venmo. Deposits are non-refundable BUT transferrable to another litter if you can’t decide on a puppy, or simply because life happens and you need a delay.

Do you offer refunds? It is clear in our contract that we will refund a customer if the puppy is suffering from a life-threatening congenital defect. We do not give refunds for any other scenario.

Once I make a deposit, will I receive updates? YES! We try our best to give updates on anything going on at least once per week, and we include pictures of your future puppy. If you would like more frequent updates, you are more than welcome to reach out to us.

Can I visit my puppy after they are born? Yes and no. We don’t allow visitors to our home during the first five weeks of your new puppy’s life, but after that point I am glad to meet you so you can start bonding! I am also available to video chat during that initial five weeks.

When do the puppies go home? This really depends on the dam, the puppy, and their vet visit at 8 weeks. If they are ready to go home and the vet gives the “okay,” they are able to go home at 8 weeks old. Also, I schedule their 8-week vet visit within two days of birth so anyone traveling can know exactly when to schedule their trips!

Do you offer breeding rights? We commonly say the words “we don’t sell to breeders, we sell pets,” but to the right breeder with a good reputation and the knowledge that they will treat the puppy well and do the necessary testing and pairing…we would consider offering full rights.

Do you do testing? All of our adult dogs in our breeding program have been tested in order for us to properly pair to prevent birthing affected puppies. Further, we keep them up to date on their OFA certifications and they visit their regular vet every 6 months for evaluation. In addition to this, any puppies we buy to raise to eventually add to our program are only sourced from breeders who keep the same standards.

What kind of food should I feed my puppy? That’s ultimately up to you, your vet, and your puppy. We use Merrick – Healthy Grains, Puppy Formula. It actually took a while for us to come to this decision. After trying numerous varieties, we found that this formula is nutritious, our dogs enjoy it, and it doesn’t typically upset their bellies.

What kind of treats should I give my puppy? We definitely suggest some moderate+ chews such as bully stick, fish skins, and real bones to name a few. Raw hide is not something you would want to offer though. Keep in mind you may notice a new puppy gets an upset belly from new types of treats and chews, that’s normal when introducing something to their delicate system. Don’t panic, adjust and possibly offer them the treat/chew less often, or a different variety completely if the issues persist.

What kind of toys should I give to my puppy? We like to offer our pups nylon bones, tennis balls, and any toy that they can really chew into it. We have offered plush type toys in the past and our Cavaliers seem to know how to bust seams and empty stuffing of these toys in about 5 minutes. It’s a hilarious sight and a big mess.

Do you offer shipping? We do not ship puppies.

Do you deliver? We do! Locally within 50 miles we will deliver your puppy to your door or preferred meeting spot for free! If we need to travel further, we will need to include travel expenses and, in some cases, a daily fee. Any flights and puppy cabin fees are paid for by the customer. If we do fly, we will meet you at your preferred airport in the departures area. If you fly to us, we will meet you in the departures area of the Denver airport as well.

What does my puppy come home with? They will come home with their AKC registration information, our puppy contract including our 1-year health guarantee, and any documentation from our vet including their dates for their upcoming booster shots. We also include various toys/bones/treats in their bag.

What if I can’t pick up my puppy right away? We are happy to keep any puppies beyond 8 weeks old. We do charge a fee at $280 a week beyond the 8 weeks, but we will be crate training and continuing the potty-training process to ensure your puppy isn’t missing any valuable development time. The puppy will also be integrated with our adult dogs during certain times of the day for socialization and play.

This is our first puppy, what should we expect? A toddler, mostly. They will try to chew your toes, furniture, fingers, cords, other pets, and basically anything they can fit in their mouths. Puppy-proofing your home is important to not only save your valuables, but also to keep the puppy from hurting itself. More toys, more chews, more distractions and before you know it, your Cavalier will be a full-on couch potato adult.

How much do you charge for puppies? Many factors go into pricing puppies such as pairings, litters, etc. Inquire with us directly.

Please check back in the future as we will continue updating this section…